5 Reasons I Chose To Close My Facebook Group

It wasn’t enough to tweet this post. I’m reblogging it because it’s that good! I’ve only just started a Facebook group for niche-less bloggers who might be feeling a bit lost. I want members to be GENUINELY interested in supporting each other. I want members to know that they can reach out to the group if they’re struggling with their writing or if they need advice on a blogging resource. I want it to be a community that encourages and motivates. That can’t happen if members are only interested in promoting themselves or if their time is spread across 100 other Facebook groups (that is not an exaggeration). Thanks again, Elena. You’ve validated so many of my thoughts on the direction of my little group. If you belong to blogging groups or you’re an admin for a group, please read the full post.

Elena Peters

This week, after growing and building my Facebook group for 3 years, I made the difficult decision to archive it. Though I alluded to my members, in my last post, that time management was the sole reason for closing the group down, it is only partially true. Yes, my business is growing and I have to be smart about how I spend my time but honestly, time would not have been an issue if it weren’t for the following reasons.

After 3 years, I chose to close my Facebook group. Here are my 5 reasons. It may be time for you to say good-bye to yours too. #blogging #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing

5 Reasons I Chose To Close My Facebook Group

  1. I’ve lost that loving feeling. Unfortunately, checking in and monitoring the group began to be a chore. I no longer enjoyed interacting with my members and found myself being curt or disrespectful to genuine inquiries. That isn’t fair to them and I’m sorry if you ever felt snubbed or stupid for asking questions in my group. I love blogging. Whether you…

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No Facilities – Privacy Policy

GDPR has been a four-letter word on the Internet for a while. I’ve yet to see anybody other than the fine folk who came up with it praise its raison d’être. People are still confused. Those who understand what is required are complaining that they have to do whatever should be done. I’m still trying to figure out why it’s important because I thought that the People of the Internet knew that everything we do here is tracked, recorded, archived and sometimes used for nefarious purposes. I’ve decided it’s nothing to do with me. I don’t have an email list (in fact, I have a grand total of two email subscribers one of whom is my sister, the other seems to be a French bot). I don’t mine my readers’ data to satisfy my lust for world domination. I don’t sell the data that my blog collects to third parties. Technically, it isn’t even my blog, it belongs to WordPress so if you have any questions, ask them.

Dan over at No Facilities has done a great job writing about this whole thing. Go read his post. As an added bonus, he’s got great photos as usual. Happy Sunday!

No Facilities

In accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) the regulation which inspired me to get off my virtual butt and publish this statement, I will try to keep this plain and simple to understand.

You should understand that, due to regulations like GDPR and some stuff the folks in California are passing or already passed, I probably care more about your privacy than you do. You may not know, understand or even believe the number of fragments of your virtual DNA that you leave behind as you read posts like this. Let’s just say it wouldn’t require Lt. Columbo to piece it all together – Barney Fife could handle the task quite nicely.

If you read a post, it’s like you were caught on a surveillance camera. If you like a post, its like pushing the doorbell and not wiping your prints off. If you leave a comment, you…

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My Second Blogiversary and Other Happenings on Mint Tea and Elephants

My Second Blogiversary and Other Happenings on Mint Tea and Elephants.

Last week, WordPress wished me Happy Anniversary! I’ve been under the weather for a while so my celebration of this milestone was a mumbled announcement to my very supportive mother who knows that I blog, but has no clue what WordPress is. Since the gods have seen it fit to offer me a respite, I’m … Continue reading My Second Blogiversary and Other Happenings on Mint Tea and Elephants